Chiroform Knee Seperator Cushion

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Chiroforms Knee Seperator Pillow

A revolution in care and comfort when you sleep and lie down in a lateral position. Normally, it can be uncomfortable to lie in a side position because one leg is on top of the other, which causes the knees to touch each other and collide.

The pillow is easy to fit between the legs and will prevent the knees from touching each other, ensuring a good, straight and correct body position.


  • 25 x 20 x 15/7 cm
  • Helps relieve pain from the hip and knees
  • Acts as a soft help for better body positioning after hip surgery
  • Reduces pressure on the knee joints
  • Helps keep the pelvis square when lying in lateral position
  • Reduces the rotation of pelvis and keeps the lower spine straight
  • Reduces sweat production due to easy posture
  • Easy to adjust with velcro closure

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