Chiroform Knee & Shoulder Massager

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Portable knee & shoulder massager

Recommended for

  • Feels sore or painful around the knee or/shoulder joint.
  • Has swollen or stiff knees/shoulders after movement.
  • Preventive treatment and well-being.


  • The world’s first portable knee/shoulder rehabilitation device that employs thermal technology.
  • The innovative knee-muscle pain bandage gives off thermal energy deep into the knees/shoulders by thermal radiation that reduces knee/shoulder pain and muscles rapidly.
  • Ergonomically designed, bandages that emit thermal cathodes correctly to the structure of the knee/shoulder, so that the thermal energy penetrates deep into the knee/shoulder. Over time, this improves the symptoms.
  • The surface of the thermal cathodes is made of the purest silver, which has the highest thermal conductivity, so thermal energy is delivered quickly to the knees/shoulders along with the natural antibacterial and antibiotic effects.
  • Accurate temperature is maintained through the temperature control system and can be set between 45 and 65 degrees Celsius. Extended use is possible.
  • Vibration massage function can reduce pain in the knee/shoulder and muscles quickly.

We strongly recommend the use of “Safe Pad” under the bandage as applying directly to the skin can cause burns

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