Chiroform Millennium Portable Pediatric Table

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Chiroform Millennium Portable Pediatric Table

Chiroform has developed a first class serie of treatment- and examination equipment in co-operation with doctors, designer teams, and engineers. The Chiroform Millennium equipment wears the global patent and trademark, and focus on both the patient and practitioner. New perspectives and options will open up with the Chiroform Millennium equipment.

This unique table with its shape and oval design makes both treatment and examination easier, while making the child feel safe and secure.

The table is very useful for children from 1 to 5 years old.

Provides optimal treatment placement for both abdominal and side posture treatment of the back. The large oval nasal hole gives the baby “air” and safety during treatment.

The special cut leg piece is used for both leg and headrest when examining and side posture treatment.

Millennium Portable Treatment Table has a very strong confidence-building effect on the parents of a child who is going into treatment.

Recommended by KiroKids and Dr. Neil Davies.

Color: Black.

Weight 3 kg

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