CombiPlum Dispenser 1 l. glossy white Elbow Operated

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CombiPlum Dispenser

Effective and hygienic dispenser in plastic. Available both with and without Elbow Operated. Can be used for soap, cream and Hand Disinfection . Fits 1 l. bags.

The optimal solution for industries such as healthcare and food sector, where there are high hygiene requirements, but also for clinics, offices, public toilets and institutions.

Product Facts

  • Hygienic dispensing solution as the products are packed in airtight bags to avoid bacterial growth
  • The dispenser is available with Elbow Operated, which helps to reduce infection
  • The dispenser is easy to install, operate, clean and refill
  • Environmentally friendly solution, as product prepackages provide a minimum amount of waste
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 12 × 15 cm

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