CombiPlum Steel

kr. 225,00 (excl. VAT kr. 180,00)

CombiPlum Steel

Practical and hygienic stainless steel dispenser with 14 cm elbow operated arm.
Optimal solution for the healthcare sector where there are high demands on hygiene.
Can be used for soap, cream and Hand Disinfection . Fits 1 l. bags and 1 l. bottles.

Product info

  • Hygienic dispensing solution as the products are packed in airtight bags to avoid bacterial growth
  • The dispenser is elbow operated , which helps to reduce infection
  • The dispenser is easy to install, operate, clean and refill
  • The dispenser is easy to clean and contains no surfaces where unwanted dirt or bacterial growth can be deposited
  • Environmentally friendly solution, as product prepackages provide a minimum amount of waste

Dimensions 1.0 l: H: 240 x B: 100 x D: 165 mm
Depth specified incl elbow operated (140 mm)

The optimal solution for industries such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  which have high hygiene requirements.

Weight 0,500 kg

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