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Air Curling Compression Massage (new model)

Air Curling Compression Massage makes a difference and can be used for many years for relaxation, recovery and well-being, etc.

This technology can be compared to the massage of a professional therapist rather than the use of compression pants or socks.

Leg cuffs go from your foot or ankle (depending on your height) and all the way up to the thigh. The cuffs contain 4 air chambers that fill in order and gradually compress each muscle group in your legs and feet.

The treatment is repeated to increase circulation and lactic acid (and waste materials) are washed away from your legs.

Choose from different cycles of 15 minutes each, with multiple power levels and point massages.

Comes with leg cuffs in either Large or X-Large.

Recommended use:
For optimal use, we recommend using the equipment in the evening to relax and after the end of training. Your chosen settings should depend on the next day’s activities and training, for example, if you have a hard workout the next day, your selected settings should only be 1-2 x 15 minute cycles. Whereas you can choose 2-3 cycles if the next day is exercise-free.

The following accessories can be purchased:

  • Arm cuff (Item No. C-8100-AC)
  • Half-pants cuff (Item No. C-8100-HP)
  • Leg extenders (item No. C-8100-L-1/ C-8100-XL-1)
  • Waist cuff (Item No. C-8100-WC)

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 23 × 15 cm
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