Cryoderm Heat Roll-on 95 ml.

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Pain Relieving Roll-On

CRYODERM® heat therapy products provide fast-acting, deep penetrating, pain-relieving heat therapy for muscle sprains and ligaments, aching and stiff muscles, bursitis and tendonitis, arthritis and joint pain.

The secret of this pain relief is the deeply penetrating, long-lasting heat effect.

With 3 x more active ingredients than in other products, Cryoderm is the natural choice for both practitioner and user.

Contains natural vegetable extracts such as:
Arnica: Reduces bruising and inflammation.
BOSWELLIA: Natural COX-2 enzyme inhibitors (reduces inflammation and has anti-arthritis actions).
ILEX: Reduces muscle cramps and inflammation.
Menthol: Anti-inflammatory, pain reliever.
MSM: A naturally occurring nutrient (increases membrane penetration, anti-inflammatory and local analgesia).
Camphor:  Increases blood flow, resulting in a warming effect, as well as increasing blood flow.
Capsaicin: Increases blood flow and provides a muscle relaxant effect.

NOTE: Cryoderm contains no dyes, gluten or parabens.

Also available in the following editions

  • Gel 126 ml
  • Gel 3 gram packs (100 pcs)
Weight ,100 kg

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