Digital Commander Algometer

kr. 9.953,13 (excl. VAT kr. 7.962,50)

Commander Algometer is designed for easy handling and to identify clinically significant pain and sensitivity changes. Commander Algometer provides a convenient, effective, objective pain evaluation tool for treatment planning, progress evaluation and case management.

Commander Algometer measures light pressure limits/tolerances and triggers point soreness.

Commander Algometer Features:

Compact, ergonomic design fits perfectly into the hand

Records, stores and analyzes up to 40 bilateral tests
Calculates bilateral deficits for clinically important right/left side comparisons
Works with established protocols including American College of Rheumatology (ACR) Fibromyalgia evaluation
Standard 1 cm2 to comply with research-based test protocols
Special .5 cm2 tips are effective for testing small muscles in the head and neck
Downloading software available to import data into a computer
Download brochure: Algometer manual.pdf

Weight 1 kg

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