Digital Commander Muscle Tester

kr. 9.994,56 (excl. VAT kr. 7.995,65)

Commander Muscle Tester adds an advanced dimension to research-proven-reliable dynamometer muscle testing without the use of a computer.

Commander objectively tests strength and identifies areas of muscle weakness due to injury, illness or the like. Commander Muscle tester provides a wealth of information to help you plan treatment, evaluation of progress, managing cases and a valid assessment.

Commander features:

Compact dynamometer fits easily in your hand
Records, stores and analyzes up to 40 bilateral tests with up to four iterations per side (left/right)
Calculates bilateral strength deficit for objective right/left comparisons

Calculates multiple recurrence variation coefficient (CV)

“Axis Compensation” circuit guarantees 99% accuracy throughout the test

“Quick-connect” system makes changing dynamometer tests faster and easier

Downloader software available to import data into a computer

Download brochure: Powertrack II Manual.pdf
Download brochure: Powertrack II Manual(1).pdf

Weight 1 kg

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