Dorso Carezza Posture Back Brace

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Dorso Carezza Posture Back Brace

Posturebandage , which can be used when:

  • Poor posture (e.g.M. Scheuermann)
  • Back pain (pain in the area of the back of the chest)
  • Active straightening and relief of the chest back.
  • Supports the sensomotor control and activates the muscular stabilization.

Breathable material (Polyamide, elestan, lycra, spring cord) and with backpack principle and closure with practical gripping pockets.

Adjustable elastic straps and two integrated spiral springs stabilize the back part.

Comes in the following sizes (waist measurements):

  • XXS (60-70 cm)
  • XS (70-80 cm)
  • S (80-90 cm)
  • M (90-100 cm)
Weight 1 kg

XXS – Waist measurements 60-70 cm, XS – Waist measurements 70-80 cm., S – Waist measurements 80-90 cm., M – Waist measurements 90-100 cm.

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