Dorso Direxa Posture Back Brace

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Dorso Direxa Posture Back Brace

Posturebandage , which can be used when:

  • Bad Posture
  • Osteoporosis in the lower back and/or upper back
  • Post-treatment of osteoporotic fractures in lumbar and/or vertebrae
  • Back pain in the area of the lower back and upper back
  • Slight degenerative change of the lower back and/or upper back

Breathable material (Polyamide,elestan,lycra, plastic spoon cord, metal spoon cord) and with backpack principle and closure with practical gripping pockets.

Adjustable elastic straps and contains 4 individually customizable metal struts. The massaging pelotte promotes blood circulation and muscle function as well as relieves pain.

Comes in the following sizes (waist measurements):

  • XS (70-80 cm)
  • S (80-90 cm)
  • M (90-100 cm)
  • L (100-110 cm)
  • XL (110-120 cm)
  • XXL (120-130 cm)
Weight 1 kg

XS – Waist measurements 70-80 cm., S – Waist measurements 80-90 cm., M – Waist measurements 90-100 cm., L – Waist measurements 100-110 cm., XL – Waist measurements 110-120 cm., XXL – Waist measurements 120-130 cm.

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