EMS Primo 960 Interferntial Device

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EMS Primo 960 Interferntial Device

Primo Interferential 960 uses a medium-frequency, electrical signal to treat muscular spasms and strains, which makes it especially effective in treating acute injuries, especially sports injuries. The Interferential therapy is used for pain relief, stimulation of muscles, increase blood circulation and reduce edema.

  • Touch screen technology
  • 3 frequencies – 2kHz, 4kHz and 8kHz
  • 0-100mA constant power
  • Treatment protocols
  • 2 independent channel outputs which allow 2 different treatments
  • Easy cleaning reduces the risk of infection
  • Standard power supply, optional battery available

Comes standard with following:

  • 2/4 pin electrode cable
  • 4 blue/yellow electrode connectingcables
  • 4 medium rubber electrodes (100x70mm)
  • 4 medium covers for electrodes
  • 2 stretch bandages.

The following accessories can be purchased:

  • Bag, Roller Table, Anal Probe, Vaginal Probe , Rubber Electrodes/ Covers, Cable Electrodes.

Weight 2 kg

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