ESWT Shockwave

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ESWT Shockwave 

High power extra-corporal shockwave therapy devise.

ESWT represents an innovative system that can give rise to a new and effective therapeutic approach for the treatment of various pathologies regarding soft tissues and the skeletal system.

ESWT is a versatile instrument, made for treating both soft (tendons and muscles) and hard tissues (bone).

The thrust implemented by the end side of a suitable applicator, that the operator has to put in contact with the suffering region, gives rise to small impulses with high intensity that are transmitted into the tissue. This originates a resonance phenomenon causing antalgic processes, reduction of local phlogosis, new formation of blood vessels, reactivation of reparative processes.

Specifications: 2 probes with shock pulses from 0.1 – 6Hz. Energy density: 0.20 mJ/mm2. Constant focus with 30mm and depth of 80mm. Can be operated by hand and foot control.

Accessory: Trolley

Additional material can be requested.

Weight 22 kg

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