Handbook of Medical Taping Concept

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Medical Taping Concept Handbook

by Harry Pijnappel

192 pp. Glossy paper. Hardback.
400 high resolution colour illustrations.
244 x 187mm.
With accompanying DVD.

This book was written for physiotherapists, doctors, traumatologists and sports trainers.  Due to the use of many medical terms, knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology are basic requirements for understanding the material presented in the book.

Harry Pijnaappel’s aim is to provide material in such a clear and concise manner that this book can be used as a textbook and as a reference book or index.

This book provides a clear overview of the different possibilities of the Medical Taping Concept:

The first chapter focuses on describing the CureTape’s effects on physical pain. These are clearly described and supported based on medical theory and literature. This approach facilitates the action of the tape.

The second chapter presents the practical aspects of using Cure-Tape. A variety of disorders (ranging from orthopaedic pain to organ problems) and various tape combinations are described as well. 400 colour photos are provided as learning aids to facilitate the mastering of these practical aspects.

The book has a DVD, as a unique and valuable supplementary learning aid to the Handbook of Medical Taping.  The instructional film shows the basic taping procedures and included several disorders.  It enables the viewer to become acquainted with the direct, hands-on approiach presented in the book.  The aim of the DVD is to illustrate how you, the therapist, may use taping in everyday practical situations.

The Medical Taping Concept is a true skill and mastering it demands a great deal of experience. In a practical and systematic manner this DVD demonstrates how the tape is to be used. The basic techniques and the different disorders including their appropriate tape combinations can be viewed and are explained in a structural context.

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