Kinesiology Tape 5 m. Rolls

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Nasara Tape

There are four main characteristics when using kinesiology tape

1. Corrects muscle function
Tape is effective in correcting abnormal muscle tension, or in strengthening weakened muscles. In addition, it is effective in muscle fatigue and cramps.

2. Improves blood and lymph circulation
Tape removes fluid or bleeding in the tissue under the skin by moving the muscle.

3. For pain
Neurological suppression of pain occurs by attaching tape to the affected area. In addition, as mentioned above, the pain will be suppressed according to point 2 above.

4. Reposition of subluxated joint
The bone of the joint, which is twisted by joints due to abnormal muscle tension, can be corrected with taping, which will restore the function of fascia and muscle. Regardless of body part, taping can be used for many different pains and disorders, as a means of preventing injury/illness and for rehabilitation. In addition to the common symptoms, taping will support the muscles before and after exercise and prolonged walking. For athletes, it is possible to treat the joint while protecting it by using kinesiology tape together with traditional sports tape.

The kinesiology tape is available in the colors, Beige, Pink, Blue, and Black – 5 cm. x 5 m.


Physiological effects:
Stretching or not stretching. Recommended elasticity of Kinesio Tape is for this technique from 130-140% of its original length. One thing that is important to remember is that the tape is applied unstretched on damaged muscles. In this case, we stretch the skin of the affected area before affixing the tape. This is done by stretching muscles and joints in the affected area. After application, the taped skin will form “wrinkles” when the skin and muscles again contract to their normal position. When the skin is lifted using this technique, blood and lymph flow under the skin improves. The taped area forms “wrinkles”, thereby increasing the space between the skin and muscles, and the lymph flow is promoted.

If, on the other hand, joints and ligaments are damaged, the tape must be stretched before the tape is applied to the skin. The damaged joints or ligaments are not able to function normally and must be corrected using stretched tape. It is also important to note that although it depends on the damage whether the tape should be stretched or not stretched, this does not mean that the application technique itself needs to be changed.

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Beige, Blue, Pink

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