Medicine Ball with Grip 8 kg

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Trendy Medicine Ball with Grip – Esfera

The medicine ball is durable and easy to maintain. The ball is made of rubber, which has a nubre surface structure that makes it easy to get a good grip. The medicine ball is very robust and extremely durable, and is with built-in needle valve.

Trendy medicine ball with grip comes in the following 8 different sizes and weight:

  • 3 kg (orange, Ø23 cm)
  • 4 kg (blue, Ø23 cm)
  • 5 kg (purple, Ø28 cm)
  • 6 kg (yellow, Ø28 cm)
  • 7 kg (green, Ø28 cm)
  • 8 kg (orange, Ø28 cm)
  • 9 kg (blue, Ø28 cm)
  • 10 kg (purple, Ø28 cm)
Weight 8 kg

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