Mini Motion Set

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Mini Motion Set

Minimotion is a multifunctional and versatile training tool for the whole body that allows for more than 250 different exercises for the whole body, and especially around the neck/cervical region it provides opportunities as it can train very gently and adapt to the patient’s needs.

Minimotion can be used throughout a full rehabilitation programme, and you can divide it into 4 phases:

  • Phase 1 Acute Phase/After Surgery – Goal is to reduce pain and increase mobility and flexibility
  • Phase 2 Rehabilitation – stabilization and increased joint strength
  • Phase 3 Functional training with weights
  • Phase 4 Final training / Sport where you are a practiced user.

You train via oscillations/vibrations, by putting the flexible rod in motion, where you have to keep the rod running by moving the part you train back and forth. The difficulty level is determined by the speed of the moving rod, as well as by the positioning of the shifts. This means that you train strength, stability, perseverance and coordination.

The professional Minimotion package includes the following:
4 rods of different lengths, a handle ideal for training upper extremities, 4 velcro straps – 1 strap for head and legs, 1 strap for lower back/back, 1 strap for included handles and 1 strap for weights.

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