MR4 DLS Package

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MR4 DLS Package – LS50-4D (round)

The new DLS Hands-Free Package From Multi Radiance Medical allows you to treat multiple patients at once. The round LaserShower emitter covers an area of 20 cm2 with LS-4D, which is 5 x larger area than the standard SE25 emitter, and can therefore easily cover both the spine and the large muscle groups with a cluster probe – place just one or both of the LS50 Laser emitters on the treatment area and attach to the cart. After that, you and your employees can care for other patients at the same time.


  • LS50 LaserShower (50,000mW)
  • 4 GaAs (LS50) Super pulsed
  • 4 infrared emitting diodes
  • 4 reds LEDs

The package includes:

  • MR4 Console Unit – 3 Port System
  • 2 pcs. LaserShower LS50-4D Laser Emitter (50,000mW)
  • MR4 Magna cart with 2 single flex arms and emitter holders
  • 3 year warranty

Weight 5 kg

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