MR4 Laser Console with SE25

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MR4 Laser Console with SE25

Package with everything you need in your treatment! Includes a STANDARD SE25 Laser Head, where you can connect additional laser probes, which makes this laser head very versatile.

Technical specifications:

  • Laser radiation 905nm
  • Infrared radiation 875nm
  • Visible red radiation 660nm
  • Laser infrared radiation – Peak pulse power – 25,000mW
  • Covers a treatment area of 4cm2 which is optimal for most treatments
  • 6 LaserSweep programs


Laser Sweep is a new technology capable of creating unique and exclusive patented lasersweep programs that reduce the risk of habituation of tissue stimulation. LaserSweep “scans” the tissue from shallow to deep into the tissue, thereby ensuring that the frequencies constantly change during treatment as opposed to the ordinary lasers, where the same frequency is used and thereby can contribute to the tissue getting used to the stimulation. Changes in frequency with LaserSweep can affect not only the depth of energy, but also the rate at which the energy is emitted.

The package includes:

  • MR4 ™ Console – 3 Port System
  • SE25 Laser Emitter (25,000mW)
  • 2 pairs of goggles
  • Carrying case
  • Operating Instructions & User Manual DVD
  • Treatment manual
  • 2-year warranty

Dimensions: 245x220x95 mm.

Weight: 2.7 kg.

Weight 2,7 kg

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