MR5 Activ Pro Laserstim

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MR5 ActivPro Laserstim

THE MR5 ActivPro LaserStim Super Pulsed Laser is the optimal solution for both the
professional therapist and sports club. This is a comfortable, portable
tools that you can take anywhere.

The LaserStim combination laser head allows laser light and electrical stimulation either independently or at the same time. TARGET ™ technology provides interactive neural stimulation by constantly measuring electro-conductivity in the treated tissue.


  • Has the 3 wavelengths (905nm, 850nm, 660nm), as well as blue light (455nm)
  • 50,000 mW Super Pulsed Laser.
  • LaserStim with TARGET allows the therapist to identify the optimal treatment area via an LED indicator and an alarm, providing a quick, easy and accurate treatment.
  • Good effect on acute and chronic pain.
  • Reduces stiffness, muscle cramps and increases microcirculation.
  • Ideal for sports – both before and after treatment.
  • Handheld with rechargeable battery (up to 6 hours).
  • Many treatment options.
  • The possibility of treating young children or frail elderly people by
    reducing treatment to half strength (less light) or by
    reducing treatment time by 50%.

The package includes:

  •  MR5 ActivPro Laserstim Handheld Laser, 50,000 mW Super Pulsed Laser.
  • 2 goggles.
  • Carrying case.
  • Operating instructions and user manual DVD.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Acupuncture/Trigger point probe set (4 pcs.).


Weight 2 kg

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