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Due to the prevalence of work and games on computers, a large part of the population has developed or is developing Forward Head Posture and Closed Chest Syndrome ™ by constantly leaning their heads against computers and reaching their hands and arms forward. Such a development leads to increased stress and pain in the neck and shoulder muscles, as well as to the occurrence or exaggeration of thoracic Outlet Syndrome and related numbness, tingling and pain in the arms and hands.

Neck Vitalizer M5 ™ is clinically designed to help users reverse Forward Head Posture, reduce stress and tension in the neck and shoulder muscles, relieve neck and shoulder pain, restore the healthy and natural neuromuscular pattern of upright head, neck and chest posture, and relieve thoracic Outlet Syndrome, all by just resting on it for 20 minutes , twice a day.

A person with Forward Head Posture carries his head significantly in front of the shoulders or center of gravity line upper body, seen from the side, even when not working on a computer.

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