PainXit Pain Relief Pen

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PainXit Pain Relief Pen

The pen is a fast acting and super simple means to relieve both acute and chronic pain. It is easy and effective and a safe medical, pain-relieving product. The effective method is based on the well-known medical technique, known as TENS or TNS. The application of low frequency, electrical impulses to the skin activates your body’s own natural defense system against pain – the endorphins – and relieves all kinds of pain when and where you need it. 100 percent natural. No side effects. No risk of overdose. Super simple and safe. Get rid of pills and the side effects they can give.

What kind of pain can PainXit relieve?

PainXit can be used for virtually all types of both acute and chronic pain, e.g. in connection with arthritis and osteoporosis, lumbago and sciatica. In addition, good for phantom pain and pain in chronic neuropathy. Ideal for the elderly or sick and people with weak hand strength because the patented super-simple “2-click” system ensures that you only have to press the START and STOP button 2 times for a pain action. Unlike similar products, where you have to press more than 50 times during a 1-3 minute treatment.

PainXit also deals with muscle pain, back, knee and shoulder pain and other pain related to sports, such as tennis or golf elbow.

PainXit is good to have in the house, in the car or in your bag to quickly help with pain relief in daily life. When the children hit the knee, or a bee sting hurts too much, and other pains occur in daily life in the family. Be sure not to use PainXit directly on open wounds, but to treat the skin in the area around the wound.

Technical information:

  • Description: Portable electronic stimulator
  • Classification: Class IIa medical devices
  • Product dimensions: 130 x O26 mm
  • Energy: 0.4 mJ at 1000 W
  • Driftstemperatur: 0ºC – 40º C. R.H. <90%
  • Storage temperature: -20ºC – + 50ºC
  • Average life span: 2 years
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