Plum/ Kiilto Universal Cleaning 1 l.

kr. 36,75 (excl. VAT kr. 29,40)

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Kiilto Plusclean

Part of the Kiilto Natura series produced from plant-based, renewable and biodegradable raw materials.

The raw materials used in the production of Natura products are responsibly produced. Kiilto Natura is a step towards the future of cleaning products.

Swan labeled universal cleaner for all water resistant surfaces, including polished and painted surfaces. Effective against grease and dirt. For manual and machine use.

Product Info:

  • Swan Label
  • Part of Kiilto Natura
  • For all cleaning purposes
  • Effective against grease and dirt
  • Cost effective
  • Low-foaming
  • Fragrance-free
  • Product pH 10.0

Packages: 6 x 1 l.

Weight 1 kg

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