PowerLaser PL500 Basic Standard

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PowerLaser PL500

Comes standard with AC Adapter, universal 90-250VAC, SmartCharger battery charger, extra battery and user manual.

POWERLASER™ is a professional tool for the professional therapist.

POWERLASER™ combines power with an elegant, compact design.

POWERLASER™ can be used in any treatment situation: in the clinic, on home visits and on the sports field.

POWERLASER™ is turned on, set, and ready to be used in seconds. A simple sliding switch sets the treatment parameters and a press at the button starts the laser therapy.

POWERLASER™ provides laser energy hour after hour. The easily replaceable battery is exchanged in seconds with the fully charged battery from the included SmartCharger.

POWERLASER™ is CE certified for the following medical applications: chronic joint problems (arthritis), sports injuries (distorsion), overload injuries (epicondylitis), muscle pain (myofascial pain) and wound healing.

POWERLASER™ PL500 Basic is the affordable and minimalist version of POWERLASER™ PL500. The functions are cut down to the very basics: 100 mW or 500 mW, with beeps for every 1 J or 10 J.

POWERLASER™ PL500 Basic is now delivered as HyperPulsed – which means the energy is delivered pulsed. The laser has a maximum power of 1,000 mW instead of 500 mW. On the other hand, the laser is alternately switched on and off during operation, keeping the average power at 500 mW.
Accessories: Specially designed carrying case, plastic. Specially designed carrying case, aluminum. Leather briefcase. Acupuncture tip. Dental tip.

Weight 1 kg

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