Seirin Acupuncture Needle, B-type

DKK 93,75 (excl. VAT DKK 75,00)


Seirin Acupuncture Needle, B-type

A very high quality single use needle from Japan. Superb workmanship. The handles are moulded around the needle to provide a near perfect centre for comfortable handling.

One acupuncture needle per blister chamber. Easy, convenient and quick to unpack. Blister packaging with paper backing. EO-Gas sterilized.

Polishing of needle tip: Very good
Pain sensitivity during entry and insert: Minimal
Strength and rigidity: High
Price-quality ratio: Satisfactory

Manufacturer: SEIRIN Corp., Japan

1 unit = 100 Acupuncture needles

Weight 0.05 kg

SE-B-020x15mm, SE-B-030x30mm

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