SpineMed Decompression System

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SpineMed Decompression System

Spinemed ® is the world leader in modern science of non-surgical spinal decompression. The patented design represents the latest developments in decompression technology. Spinemed ® offers a fundamentally new approach to help in the natural healing of lumbar and cervical discs pathologies. No braces, ropes or traction components.

Offer a more effective procedure, see more patients, and get better results. With spinemed ®, you use the most technologically advanced decompression system on the market.
Through many years of clinical experience, spinemed ® was developed to overcome the limitations and side effects of previous decompression devices. Cumbersome nylon belts, outdated traction components and outdated tower designs have been replaced with advanced controls designed to accurately target and decompress injured spinal segments with a significantly lower distracting force.
The result is a system that offers tremendous benefits for both patients and care providers.

Visit www.spinemed.com for more information.

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