Sportshield Blister/Wound Prevention Roll-On

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Sportshield Blister/Wound Prevention Roll-On

45 ml SportShield liquid.

Avoid blisters and skin irritation.

Sportshield is a silicone-based anti-friction product that is lubricated in the exposed place to prevent and protect your body from skin irritation where friction can occur.

Practical Roll-on which is easy to use and provides a thin invisible membrane on the skin that counteracts friction/rubbing from clothing, equipment or pressure points, which usually cause blisters and irritation

Unconditional warranty, SportShield is removed from the skin with water and soap (leaves absolutely no residue), and is ideal for use on the inside of the thighs above the nipples, on feet, armpits, and under bra or sports support straps.

SportShield works even in the most demanding conditions, and will not rub off. It works even under wetsuits!

Use SportShield® liquid roll-on or convenient wet wipes, and a smooth, thin invisible coating is applied to the skin. The product can be used anywhere on the body, where the skin is exposed to rubbing of clothing, equipment and pressure points.

Here are the most common areas where SportsShield® can help: between the arms and sides of the body, between the thighs, the groin, nipples, the back of the heels, on the top of the toes, etc.

Contains no animal products

Ingredients: Dimethicone, Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E.

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