ToePro Foot and Ankle Training Wedge

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ToePro is a new training tool that, thanks to its unique design, optimizes the load on the small muscles in the metatarsal and lower legs. This helps improve your ability to walk, run or jump.

Works great as injury prevention and for problems with plantar fascia, achillies tendinitis, stress fractures in the forefoot, hallux valgus as well as as fall prevention.

With ToePro Training Wedge, you can easily and efficiently complete your training/rehabilitation at home. With the wedge’s unique wavy design and oblique angles, you activate both the small muscles that stabilize the foot as well as the muscles in the lower leg, which are important to strengthen to optimize one’s walking.

Studies show that with increasing age, you lose strength in the big toe, which can lead to an increased risk of fractures during falls such as wrist and hip fractures.
With the help of this training wedge, the muscles are built up to 4 times as fast as traditional exercises (e.g. exercises with towel, ball and rubber bands).

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