If you need a financing or leasing agreement when you purchase treatment tables, training equipment, treatment equipment, etc., then we offer to take care of the practical part. We have a collaboration with one of the strongest and most flexible companies on the market – Leasing Fyn A/S. Leasing Fyn logo
Please contact us if you just need a calculation of monthly payment w.m.

Benefits of leasing

  • The company avoids tying money in the equipment, as it is Leasing Fyn that buys it.
  • The company avoids a large payout, as Leasing Fyn usually finances the acquisition up to 100%.
  • The company avoids attachment to VAT at the time of acquisition, as it is Leasing Fyn that buys the equipment.
  • The company retains its borrowing facilities at the bank as they avoid having to draw on the overdraft or take out loans.
  • The company avoids expensive land registration fees as leases do not have to be landed.
  • The company can spread its costs over a longer period of time, thereby managing its liquidity by adjusting costs and revenues.
  • The leasing benefits and the payment are normally fully tax deductible.
  • Leasing Fyn can often get better prices/discounts than individual smaller companies can.

About Leasing Fyn

  • Leasing Fyn was established in 1983 – 37 years of experience with leasing and factoring across industries.
  • Is a financial partner for companies all over the country.
  • In particular, has an in-depth knowledge of the agricultural, construction, transport and industrial sectors.
  • Headquartered in Odense and currently employs 54 people.
  • In 2019, Leasing Fyn entered into leases for DKK 1,001 million and had a factoring turnover of DKK 442 million.
  • Leasing Fyn is owned by Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn, Middelfart Sparekasse and Fynske Bank.
  • Leasing Fyn priority personal relations with customers.
  • The finance consultants are happy to visit customers – no matter where in the country they live.