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WipeClean Alco Free Disinfection - Large
  • WipeClean Alco Free Disinfection - Large

WipeClean Alco Free Disinfection - Large

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WipeClean Alco Free Disinfection

Large, 20 pcs.

Non-alcoholic wipes for effective disinfection of surfaces and non-invasive equipment that tolerates water, but not alcohol.

Same high effect as disinfection with alcohol. Ready to use right from the package.

Apply to cleaned and dry surfaces. The surface should be wet according to the contact time indicated on the package for optimal effect.

Product Info:

    • Disposable wipes for disinfection

    • The wipes contain the right mixing ratio and are ready to use directly from the package

    • CEI rated: Intermediate level

    • Documented effect: EN13727, EN13697, EN16615, EN13624, EN14476, EN14348, EN13704

    • CE marked

    • Documented bactericid, fungicide, virucid and sporicidal effect including against norovirus and Clostridium difficile.

    • Large: For disinfection of 2.5 m² per cloth

 * Biocides must be used properly. Always read the labelling and product information before use.

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