Seminar: "Adjust for succes" by Dr. Etienne Dubarry
  • Seminar: "Adjust for succes" by Dr. Etienne Dubarry
  • Seminar: "Adjust for succes" by Dr. Etienne Dubarry
  • Seminar: "Adjust for succes" by Dr. Etienne Dubarry

Seminar: "Adjust for succes" by Dr. Etienne Dubarry

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Instructional Syllabus "Adjust for succes" by Dr. Etienne Dubarry

Post-Seminar Outcomes:

  • Attract a larger patient base.
  • Adapt techniques irrespective of practitioner and patient size, especially acknowledging the rise of female chiropractors.
  • Build confidence to treat challenging cases.
  • Rekindle passion, warding off professional burnout.
  • Continuously refine and upgrade your techniques

Structure of the "Adjust for succes" seminar:

Participants must bring a portable table.

The seminar will encompass:

  • An anatomical review, hands-on practice sessions, and demonstrations of various techniques.
  • Exploration of equipment associated with specific techniques.
  • Examination of correlations between patient conditions, sizes, and chosen techniques.
  • Comparative insights into other methodologies, such as Gonstead, SOT, and Activator.

Detailed seminar outline:

  • Physical demonstration of the Arcs of Tension using a PowerPoint presentation (Presented by Dr.Dubarry).
  • & 3. Application of the AOT in "front standing techniques" with video demonstrations.
  • Discussing the importance of sequencing in front standing techniques.
  • & 6. "Kata Chiro" demonstrations for both front and back standing techniques, accompanied by practical sessions and videos.
  • Technique adaptations for varying vertebral levels, patient morphologies, and specific conditions like Scoliosis.
  • Standardized naming and classification of techniques and their practical application.
  • Application of the Arc of Tension to Axial traction then Decompression with flexion.
  • Use of the drops, their biomechanical interest; the different types. Advantages of automatic drops, self cocking drop, self calibrating drop.
  • Facilitation mechanism for HVLA, Facilitation mechanism for Drop treatment.
  • Harnessing patient posture changes as a marketing tool. 10-18. Demonstrations and practical sessions on various techniques for cervico-thoracic and thoraco-lumbar junctions in different positions, including comparisons with renowned methods like the Gonstead approach.
  • Comprehensive hands-on review.
  • Chiropractic Nosology: Guided technique selection for specific conditions.


The seminar will take place at the conference department at Hotel Kong Arthur in Copenhagen the d. 21st and 22nd af September 2024.

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